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Introduction to Dewel

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Introduction to Dewel
   Dewel Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Dewey) is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of rotary joints, metal hoses and oil and gas distributors. We will provide more than 1000 standard models and special structures for fixed pressure lines. It is securely connected to the rotating system, the roller and the turntable. It can be applied to heating or cooling water, steam or heat carrier oil, conveying cooling lubricants and controlling production processes using hydraulic oil or compressed air. Through our extensive sales network, our products are spread all over the world.
  Quality product and service quality, safety and reliability, as well as the company's decades of experience, are the basis for our technological leadership in rotary sealing and oil and gas lubrication. We offer a successful strategy for the best sealing method: strong development combined with laboratory and hands-on trials to serve efficient machines and installations in a variety of industries.
Company development
Dewei Company understands that quality is the lifeline of the company. The company organizes production, sales and service in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality standards. The company has more than 100 sets of multi-axis machining centers, more than 20 CNC lathes and more than 100 sets of professional equipments from Germany DMG and Korea DOOSAN: more than 100 employees and more than 50% professional and technical personnel.
product service
Rotary seal field
Dwight's precision rotary joints are used in virtually unlimited fields and are most widely used in a wide variety of materials, viscosity rotary joints, temperature, pressure and speed applications. The swivel is a unique and exclusive product because it must be able to withstand very high pressures while rotating at very high speeds. To do this, the sealing surface must be nearly perfectly matched, that is, the seal must be slightly overlapped, regardless of the pressure factor of the medium, so that the load or pressure applied to the sealing surface is kept to a minimum and smooth Stable rotation and friction are minimized to extend service life and ensure no leakage.
steel industry
Rotary joint applications: cold rolling mills, hot rolling mills, hot rolling mills, steel mills, etc.
Domestic first-class metallurgical equipment manufacturers, almost 90% of the domestic use of Dewey's steel rotary joints, and guarantee a two-year service life, truly to achieve a win-win situation for customers and suppliers.
Printing industry
The temperature of high-speed printing inks is strictly controlled to ensure the printing quality of non-aqueous and water-based inks used in the printing process. The connector of Dewey makes the sealing surface nearly perfect, that is, the sealing must be micro-lapped, regardless of The pressure factor of the medium keeps the load or pressure applied to the sealing surface to a minimum, and the smooth and stable rotation and friction are reduced to a minimum to prolong the service life and ensure no leakage.
other industry
Machining center and automated production line
BOPP film drawing machine for plastic processing industry
Single channel low speed gas or hydraulic applications
Suitable for small pneumatic clutches, various hydraulically driven pitch pulleys
Has a large working capacity to transfer large volume gas or hydraulic oil
Rotary joints for construction machinery,
More fields such as paper, machine tools, textiles, food/beverage, automobile manufacturing, etc.

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