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What is a Rotary Union?

Date:2018-10-22    Author:Dewel  Read: 3219
DEWEL Rotary joint is a kind of rotate mechanical seal, which is for fixed and rotate roller to convey and exhaust the heat conduction medium.For example,It is used for heating steam, hot water, hot oil, hot media, or for cooling water, brine, ammonia, freon and other cold media, supply in the rotating roller, roller or cylinder,and used for the compressed air, oil and other media,supply the clutch and the chuck of a rotating machine etc.The effective and economical rotary joints are based on the development of the "mechanical seal" theory , It make by a strict quality management, so the product quality is stable, compatibility. In addition, the variety is very rich, can adapt to a variety of applications.
Using method of rotary joint 
①Single channel
Used to supply cooling water, oil or steam to the end of a rotary roller, roller, cylinder, etc..

②Double fixed internal pipe
Used to supply steam or water, oil to rotary roller, cylinder, or roller. And exhaust from the same end.

③Double channel fixed internal pipe
The difference of the type is the dryer with Siphon, condensed water discharged by the Siphon, this type is used for steam.

④Double rotary internal pipe
When the rotary joints supply or discharge water, steam, hot water or hot oil to the rotating roller, cylinder, drum , tube must rotate together.

Application industry:
● Textile & Chemical Fiber Industry
● Rubber & plastic industry
● Corrugated & Paper Industry
● Packaging & printing industry
● Food & Beverage Industry
● Petroleum & Chemical Industry
● Solar energy industry
● Glass industry
● Metallurgical Industry
● CNC machining center
● Construction machinery
● Construction machinery

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