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Dewel products and services

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Dewel Group
  Founded in 2010, Dewel Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with extensive experience in the field of rotary joints. Throughout the country, the Dulwich brand guarantees industry standards!
Dewey rotary joint DEWEL Rotary Unions
  As a technological pioneer in the field of rotary joints, Dulwich has a full range of R&D and testing facilities, offering more than 1,000 standard styles and numerous customized solutions for machines in a wide range of industries, enabling greater performance and longer life. Service life. DEWEL rotary joints are used to heat, cool or control the production process, safely connecting fixed pressure pipes and rotating devices (rollers, spindles, drums, pressure cylinders, etc.) from 3 to 500 mm nominal diameter (DN03~DN500). Under different conditions of rotation, water, steam (within 250 ° C), heat transfer oil (within 400 ° C), hydraulic oil (within 350 bar), compressed air (within 40 bar), coolant (within 150 bar) and vacuum.
Application (supporting rollers, spindles, drums, pressure cylinders, etc.)
● Textile and leather front/rear processing machinery
● Non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber machinery
● Paper calender (soft calendering, supercalendering)
● Extrusion sheet machine, plastic calender, rubber (tire) machinery
● Stretch film, composite / coating, packaging machinery, blow molding machine (PET bottle)
● Printing, flexographic printing machines, hot stamping machines
● Tobacco, mixing and drying machinery
● Steel mill machinery, coiler
● Wind turbines
● CNC machining center (machine tool)

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