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The Industry Information of Rotary Seal
  • Dewel 2018 mid-year sales meeting was successfully held
    Date:2018-10-22 17:41:13   Read:666

    Create opportunities and continue to new heights! Dewel 2018 mid-year sales meeting was successfully held...

  • Introduction to Dewel
    Date:2018-10-22 17:22:51   Read:243

    We offer a successful strategy for the best sealing method: strong development combined with laboratory and hands-on trials to serve efficient machines and installations in a variety of industries....

  • Dewel products and services
    Date:2018-10-22 17:16:24   Read:221

    Dewel Group Founded in 2010, Dewel Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with extensive experience in the field of rotary joints. Throughout the country, the Dulwich brand guarantees industry standards! Dewey rotary joint DEWEL Rotary...

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